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Welcome to Cedar Hills Az.

We are a small rural community with lots of open space, located just east of Snowflake, Az. Our voting district consists of more than 40,000 acres, about 1/2 of it zoned as RU-20 (20 acre minimum size). We had about 700 registered voters as of the end of July, 2001.

Many if not most of us moved here to enjoy rural living, with some having been here for 30 or so years. Many who will move here in the future will do so to enjoy that same rural living. There aren't very many places like this close to a good sized town. We have a one mile long strip of commercially zoned land from Garibaldi to the Apache County line, and another small area that includes the 'Country Store'. An entire township {one of the four that comprise Cedar Hills } is zoned R-1. Updated 6/11/02

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This site is owned by a resident of Cedar Hills, Arizona. It is not an 'official' site for Cedar Hills, and it claims only to represent information and the views of those who contribute to its' text. Any inaccuracies noted within are unintentional, and will be corrected upon discovery.

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