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Cedar Hills, Az

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Newcomer Guide

LAND - If you've already bought land, hopefully you know what the zoning is, what kind of septic you will need, if your ground will pass the 'perc' test, and how you will get power and water to the property. Zoning will always tend to change to allow for smaller and smaller parcels. Septic systems can be difficult to set up right depending on your soil situation.  An installer will be able to guide you through the hoops. Alternative systems are the only option at times. Some of the land in the area just will not 'perc'. The smaller your parcel, the less area you have available on which to hunt for the 'sweet spot'. You will want to check with County if you are planning to have family members set up their own houses on the property. Water options include having a well drilled, hauling your own, or a community well, with its' accompanying regulations. Well pumps are generally costly to have replaced. Wear to the pump itself is usually greatest each time it is switched on. By installing a storage tank, in addition to a pressure tank, you will reduce the number of times the pump switches on. A pump can last significantly longer under those circumstances.
FOLIAGE - The cedar trees that are found in the area are usually the shaggy bark [juniper] variety. They are water hogs, but they do provide for shade and privacy, and don't usually require supplemental watering. Often there won't be much of anything growing between these trees because of the efficiency of their root system. Young ones transplant well, though the growth rates are very slow - truly an investment in the future. Various types of brush, grass and cactus can seem to carpet the land, but close up there is generally pronounced spacing between plants.

WILDLIFE - Most of Cedar Hills is currently undeveloped, which means that there is alot of open space [privately owned as well as state land]. With the general lack of people, there is a relative abundance of many types of wildlife, as well as the occasional rarity. Coyotes, quail, mountain lion, birds, hawks, eagles, deer, elk, antelope, and bobcat can be found at one place or another. Porcupine used to be common, but are now rare due to loose dogs.

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