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Cedar Hills, Az

The Snowstorm of Dec. 2011

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  Welcome to Cedar Hills, Az.

  We are a small rural community with lots of open space, located just east of Snowflake, Arizona, in Navajo County. Our voting district consists of more than 40,000 acres, about 1/2 of it currently zoned as RU-20 (20 acre minimum size). 

  While we rarely get snow as we did on March 11+12, 2006, you can see that it does happen. Snowdrifts reached to a height of four feet or more at some locations here in Cedar Hills. Many cedar trees suffered broken branches due to the weight of the wet snow. Disruptions to traffic flow were as would be expected. The moisture was welcome, of course.
 The storm of Jan. 2010 brought several feet of snow to the rim communities - for the most part, we just got wet here in Cedar Hills. The summer of 2010 brought us more rain than is usual.
  December of 2011 brought Cedar Hills about 16" of snow, along with nighttime temperatures that stayed 25 degrees or lower for about three weeks.
  Many if not most of us moved here to enjoy rural living, with some having been here for 30 or so years. Many who will move here in the future will do so to enjoy that same rural living. There aren't very many places like this close to a good sized town. We have a one mile long strip of commercially zoned land from Garibaldi to the Apache County line, and another small area that includes the 'Country Store'. In addition, the community now has an additional mile of commercial zoning as the result of a countywide vote. An entire township {one of the four that comprise Cedar Hills } is zoned R-1. Active voters in the district number 1006 as of June, 2012.
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